Buying a home in 2022? Sellers market playbook!


Down, set, HUT HUT HUT!   If we learned anything from the market in 2021 it was to be ready when opportunity presents itself.  Inventory was low and buyers were plenty.  The low number of sellers, interest rates remaining low, and plenty of buyers made for a seller’s market.  Buying a home in 2022 could […]

Mortgage Closing Costs For Lawrence, KS Home Purchases

So you are buying a home or gathering information about the costs of home ownership?  Below is a list of the most common mortgage closing costs for a home purchase in Lawrence, KS. Remember, these are rough estimates for a transaction in Lawrence, KS/Douglas County area.  As always, for a detailed estimate and quote, use […]

Mortgages, It’s What I Do!

It's What I Do2

As the owner/broker of an independent mortgage company, I provide mortgage financing to my customers for the purchase or refinancing of properties up to 4 units, utilizing a network of the best mortgage lenders and banks available in our market.  My job is to constantly analyze that network to make sure my customers are getting the lowest […]