Save $$$ with an independent mortgage broker

independent mortgage broker

Especially in times of increasing interest rates and high inflation, it is important to make sure you stretch your dollar as far as it will go.  When you are buying a home it is no different. It is a fact that independent mortgage brokers are the best way for consumers to get a mortgage.  The […]

Buying a home in 2022? Sellers market playbook!


Down, set, HUT HUT HUT!   If we learned anything from the market in 2021 it was to be ready when opportunity presents itself.  Inventory was low and buyers were plenty.  The low number of sellers, interest rates remaining low, and plenty of buyers made for a seller’s market.  Buying a home in 2022 could […]

Mortgage Closing Costs For Lawrence, KS Home Purchases

So you are buying a home or gathering information about the costs of home ownership?  Below is a list of the most common mortgage closing costs for a home purchase in Lawrence, KS. Remember, these are rough estimates for a transaction in Lawrence, KS/Douglas County area.  As always, for a detailed estimate and quote, use […]

Mortgages, It’s What I Do!

It's What I Do2

As the owner/broker of an independent mortgage company, I provide mortgage financing to my customers for the purchase or refinancing of properties up to 4 units, utilizing a network of the best mortgage lenders and banks available in our market.  My job is to constantly analyze that network to make sure my customers are getting the lowest […]

What can you do with a conventional mortgage loan? Lots of things!


Among other products, First Assured Mortgage offers Conventional Mortgages, from our network of high quality mortgage companies and banks. A conventional mortgage is a type of loan that meets certain criteria set our by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  These mortgages are not guaranteed by the government like FHA, VA, and USDA mortgages, but, they do require mortgage […]

Even People With Excellent Credit Benefit From This One Mortgage Trick

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…And First Assured Mortgage Does This With Every File Did you know that your credit score not only determines if you can get a loan, but, how much you pay for the loan you get? Credit optimization isn’t just for people with lower credit scores!  Even people with mid 700 credit scores can benefit from optimizing […]

A Better Mortgage Experience For Business Owners, High Level Executives And Public Figures


By Joel Kaczor, Owner/Broker- First Assured Mortgage As a business owner and entrepreneur, I clearly understand whats important to you and am prepared to provide the solutions you need when purchasing or refinancing a home. You need confidentiality. For many reasons the last thing you want as a business owner in a community is to […]

Don’t Make This $24,095 Mistake When You Buy Your Next House

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By Joel Kaczor- Owner/Broker, First Assured Mortgage Your realtor, friend, neighbor, or fishing buddy, aren’t going to pay your mortgage.  With so much money at stake, you owe it to yourself to find the best rate and terms available.  Being the owner/broker at First Assured Mortgage in Lawrence, KS I am committed to providing my customers […]

And your mortgage payment is…

What would the mortgage payment be for the median home price in Lawrence, KS using four common loan types? By Joel Kaczor- Owner/Broker, First Assured Mortgage The Lawrence Board Of Realtors recently released their 2018 median home price of $204,200.  What does this mean to home buyers in this price range?  Well here are four […]