Especially in times of increasing interest rates and high inflation, it is important to make sure you stretch your dollar as far as it will go.  When you are buying a home it is no different.

It is a fact that independent mortgage brokers are the best way for consumers to get a mortgage.  The latest data available from the government shows that independent  mortgage brokers are saving borrowers $9,400 compared to retail lenders and mega banks and even more for minority borrowers.  (See Photo Below)

Brokers Save Borrowers Money

Lenders price their rate and fees based on many different strategies and they are always changing.  They may be looking for more profit and increase rates or want more market share so they decrease rates.  The point is, this is a moving target.

As a trusted mortgage advisor and the owner/broker of my company, I make it my business to make sure I have the very best rates available to the marketplace.  This means keeping tabs on the many wholesale lenders in my network.

This is why I can offer you the best rates and still utilize local third party services from appraisers, title companies and real estate agents. Check out my low interest rates now


Joel Kaczor- Owner/Broker
An Independent Mortgage Broker
Kansas Licensed Mortgage Company MC.0001442

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