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…And First Assured Mortgage Does This With Every File

Did you know that your credit score not only determines if you can get a loan, but, how much you pay for the loan you get?

Credit optimization isn’t just for people with lower credit scores!  Even people with mid 700 credit scores can benefit from optimizing their score.  Often times they don’t have to do anything but request a balance letter from one of their credit cards.

When you apply for a home loan with First Assured Mortgage not only do you get the benefits of multiple lenders and banks ensuring you receive the very best rates, terms, and pricing available in the current mortgage market, you get a mortgage expert that can provide many other benefits behind the scenes.  As the owner/broker of First Assured Mortgage, one of those benefits I personally provide my customers is credit optimization.

With a better credit score

✔️ You could get a better rate on your mortgage:  Most loan programs now include things called loan level pricing adjustments.  These adjustments are risk-based adjustments that impact the cost of your mortgage.  One of the adjustments is based on your credit score.

✔️ Your mortgage insurance premium could be less:  That’s right, if you loan includes mortgage insurance, the cost of that mortgage insurance is less with a better credit score.

✔️ Your homeowners insurance premium could be less:  Many insurers use your credit score as part of an “insurance score” to figure your insurance premium.  The higher your credit score, the better your premium.

Upon receiving our customers credit reports, I will personally review it for any opportunities we may have to improve them prior to closing.  I will also provide you with a CreditXpert Essentials report which is your credit improvement step by step plan.  Together we will make sure your credit is as good as it can be prior to closing, taking advantage of every avenue we have to deliver the very best rates and terms to our customers.

Excellent credit | Excellent rates

You have worked hard for your credit, now let your credit work for you.

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